The PS3 truly sucks

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The PS3 truly sucks

Post by gangrene » Sun Jun 03, 2007 12:05 am

The PS3 Sucks. I say this as someone who actually owns the console, and occasionally attempts to use it. (Usually as a Blu-Ray player.)

Here are a few reasons why:

1) Every time I boot the thing up (to watch a BD) there is a new patch out. Normally, that would be cool. However, not a single patch has done anything interesting. What's worse is, I am too obsessive not to do it. So, while it is doing it's thing, the wife is wondering what is going on... she just wants to watch whatever crappy disc I obsessively bought. Which leasds to...

2) Every time you patch the machine... you have to re-register the Sixaxxis controllers! OMG this is the most idiotic design ever. I don't want to hear some crap about it being a Bluetooth device and it is for security or whatever. The chimps that designed the thing should have ditched it for a proprietary so-and-so that worked for the consumer's convenience. Didn't they buy a 360 and try it out first?

3) Even if I didn't have to plug in my Sixaxxis to reregister, it would still have to be plugged in because... get this... the frickin PS3 will not supply power to the USB line when the unit isn't powered on. A-mazing! Brilliant! Now I have to keep this spaceheater powered up in my rack, melting my much more useful and actually _fun_ electronics because of some braindead hardware designer. It is because of this that I have been waiting 3 months for the Nyko 4 Port Charge Base: Yay! More money to spend on this turd.

4) So... I finally want to play an actual game on the system (unlikely) and... I still have to play it with the Sixaxxis! Yes. Everything you've heard is true, boys and girls, the Sixaxxis is as awful as they say. It has no heft, and feels thin and cheap. That ingenious little "lip" they added to L2 and R2 feels totally wrong. And finally... no rumble! I played God of War 2 on it, and... I stopped after the crossbow stage with the Colossus at Rhodes. (I have to say, I love GOW, and was very eager to play 2.)

5) I can't get rid of my PS2! No Guitar Hero 2... a Bunker staple. I was hoping I could switch to the 360 version, but that would mean playing exclusively on the 360's Xplorer. Eww. But that is another rant. In a nutshell, the PS2 is still in the stack. Lame.

6) The games... all... suck. Even Resistance. Yes, I said it. Too little too late. I can't believe we are 6 months out from launch and there is still not a single game I want to play. Well... I do want to play the Duckies thing, but I bet my Sixaxxis is dead again.

To be continued.

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