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06 Sep

Bunker Lan Guts

While fixing the cable bundle, I was forced to rip open the kickwall that the Lan displays and inputs are wired through. Here’s what’s in there, for the interested… or extremely bored.

What is in the Lan kickwall

As you can see, there are eight bundles of wires. Each is an HD15 video cable coupled with an active USB extension cable. This is the purple plastic thing you see connected to the beige USB A-B cable in the center. The beige cable goes to a 4-port hub. Each hub allows ports for a standard Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical, a Saitek Eclipse Keyboard, a Logitech 350 USB Headset, and a Logitech Wingman Force 3D stick.   

20 Aug

Singstar Rocks! Why don’t we have more here?

I have a massive woody for Singstar. It has done what the majority of all other rhythm games have not… real songs, by the real artists!

For as brilliant as Guitar Hero is, that final piece would make it better. For a game like “Get on Da Mic”, which has possibly the worst fake artists imaginable, it’s a death warrant. Those of you stuck on the Karaoke Revolution series owe it to yourself to try Singstar. Who needs animated bobble-headed avatars? Not you, and definitely not me! I wan’t to sing Sk8er Boi with Avril on the screen, in all her video goodness!

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