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24 Aug

Abstract Apocalypse!

I’ll let you make your own caption for this one:

Funny on so many levels

This weekend, I was cruising around boardgamegeek, and found a bargain thread that I couldn’t pass up. I bought a lot of games, but don’t tell Mrs. G how many, she hasn’t figured it out yet.

For some reason, I keep buying the resource management/settling/development/trading games because they are highly rated on the geek, but we never end up playing them. I guess it’s good for my games list/sex appeal, but I’d play Can’t Stop, Blokus, or Quoridor, before Puerto Rico, any day.

13 Aug

Bargain Alert! 4G Sony USB Memory Stick for $29.99 at Target B&M

I have documented my love of Target before. This weekend contained two blissful trips to that commercial mecca.?On the second, I stumbled upon this deal.?I’m posting it here because: 1) it’s a great deal and you should buy it, and 2) I get to bitch about USB memory stick design, which, on the whole, is moronic.

First, why this is cool? 4Gigs be big. It’s light and svelte, and most importantly, this:

In! Out

and… it also does this:

Out In!?


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