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The DDR Room

So… we call it the DDR Room because it is the only room big enough to host the massive DDR Pads, and still have space for other flailers on Guitar Hero.

The Zen room, the Guitar Hero practice room, the failed EyeToy room

Defining Features:
Two Stereo Systems (not that we could really run them both but…)
3 wireless headphones – so you can stink at Guitar Hero, or Karaoke without anyone knowing
In-ceiling speakers
A projector over the entrance
A closet with the systems, stereos and an old-school (OMG) CRT!
Virtually every weirdo game peripheral known to man
The Wii!

The Skinny:
Mild-mannered librarian by day, becomes vicious she-devil at night. The DDR Room has a barrel of monkeys tucked away in her ample closet.The only telltale sign of her ferocity is the projector inconspicuously placed above the door.

Most of the active games happen here. Anything Wii, DDR, Taiko Drum Master, Beatmania, Donkey Konga, Jungle Beat, Golf and all of the gun games (Vampire Night, Point Blank, House of the Dead Series, Time Crisis, Starsky and Hutch, Silent Scope, etc.)

There are also the Karaoke games: The Karaoke Revolution series (including TMC Presents: Karaoke Country!) however, these are mainly practice for the big room. Also in here is the only place you can play Guitar Hero on “Easy”.

Finally, this room was initially designed for the EyeToy (hence the very stark white walls.) However… even a room designed around it could not make the EyeToy work, which is a shame. Groove is a very fun game, and Antigrav could have been so awesome… if it worked.

This is where we play Guitar Hero (practicing on headphones), Gun Games, DDR, Samba de Amigo, and the PS2 Golf Doo-dad.

All is quiet:






Party On!


The Projector Side:?

This is where we play Wii. There are other consoles on the projector, but the Wii can’t be biit.

All is quiet:


Party On!

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