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30 Mar

Steamed – or… Why won’t Valve take my money?

Steam is running a great special on Prey right now, at $4.95 a pop. This is perfect for me, as I can get a groovy game on the entire LAN for just shy of $50.

So, I bought the first one to try out the multiplayer and it worked lickity split. I had the dedicated server set up in about three minutes, which is a record for me. I was sure that the gravity and Portal effects would be perfect for a drunken Bunker Party LAN game.

However, once I actually tried to buy the third copy of the game, Steam denied all attempts. Telling me that my CC co is denying the transaction. I called them up and they say that they haven’t even gotten a new attempt.

This particularly sucks, because having only two on the LAN is possibly worse than having zero. No one is going to play a two-player Prey deathmatch.

For now, I wait for Steam support to get back to me, and hope this gets sorted before the promotion is over.

Whatever the outcome is, I still recommend that you PC gamers pick this up. $5 is a steal for the single-player alone.

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