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20 Aug

360 Guitars – the X-Ploder

As some of you know, I have a hate hate relationship with the PS3. Because of it, I had to buy a charge station to keep my single Sixaxxis charged up (since it won’t charge when the console is off… brilliant.) It ruined all the warm and gooshy feelings that I have for God of War, since I attempted to play GOWII on the PS3 with the Sixaxxis (which, besides having no rumble, is heftless, and has the cheapest most cynical afterthought as a response to the 360’s trigger… the hideous “extended” L2 and R2 buttons.)

04 Aug

PS3 “Backwards Compatibility” and all the games I want to play.

Lately, when I come home from work, I’ve been going down to the Bunker with my 3-year old. She loves dancing and singing, and we have been doing a lot of Singstarring together. (She seriously knows the words to half the songs on Singstar Pop.) ?

However, this week I?contracted the?T-Virus and?my chords haven’t been up to the task. So, in order to keep the music thing going, I busted out Parappa the Rappa 2 and ran it on the PS3. This was fine, but for anyone who has played the original, and loved Fleaswallow and Moosilini, you know that it?isn’t good enough.

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