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The Theater

The exciting screen, and?4.1 of the 8 speakers in the room. The Sub is a Powered Soundbridge 12″ Woot special, the Center and Fronts are ancient (like from my college years) Boston Acoustics A120s. That sliver of white in the upper left is a Boston Acoustics VRS Dipole Surround.


The exciting screen… with something on it! Yay… a crappy fighting game!


The recliners are?Berkline 90s. Behind that?are 6 eBay-bought theater seats, on a custom-built 9″ riser (more on that later).?The projector is a Sanyo PLV-Z3 LCD. On the left is the other VRS. In the way back are?2 Boston?Acoustics HD8s?(also from my college dorm room, which was 8’x7’… that was a theater!) That black line in the lower right is a bundle of cables that brings VGA and USB signals to the Lan. The PCs are on the other side of the wall to the right. That cable bundle is a major?source of consternation.


My ingenious projector mount. This is a piece of 12″x24″ Melamine MDF from Home Depot, just hanging from the suspended ceiling.


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