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18 May

Daywalker Bunker Party – The Lan

As usual, I spent most of my time in the Analog room, but from my brief glimpses into the Lan room, here’s what went on:

Prey – I started things out with Prey Multiplayer running on each machine. I don’t know if more than three people ever played simultaneously. If anyone knows, speak up on the comments!

Tron – Pottse was clever enough to dig this up while I tried to get Team Fortress 2 running. From what I could tell, the game was full with 4 teams of 2 players each. What sucked was, the game isn’t smart enough to point the player away from the wall when the game starts, so the few games I played, I was constantly spawning in an alcove facing the back wall!

Surprisingly, everyone seemed to like this game, even with this massive fault.


Team Fortress 2 – Gold Rush

I was really looking forward to playing this, but I was deeply involved in a game of Risk Express with Red5 and Reebs. From what I heard, it was awesome.

Enemy Territory – Quake Wars

This one I demanded we play, even going so far as to shut down the currently running TF2 game. I love objective-based/assault/team games like this, and until Novalogic makes a successor to Joint Ops, this just might do.

Luckily, no one knew what they were doing, so we all equally sucked, but it started to come together by the third and final round. All I know is that Red 5 constantly used me as his personal spank totem for the last 15 minutes, and it hurt.

Here’s a decent video showing the full range of hardware:

I think everyone went away satisfied with the game play, and by now it was 9:45pm, 15 minutes before close. Or was it?

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