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19 May

Daywalker Bunker Party – Analog

As Pottse remarked, “This Bunker Party was weird”. What he meant by this was, there was very little Rock Band, no SingStar at all, and although the LAN got play, the showcase this time was the Analog room.


First up was a lot of San Juan. I had tried this out for the first time earlier this week, so was glad to introduce it to a few new players.


Of course Pandemic was played all through the day, with even Mrs. G playing. There was at least one win, but I don’t know what the final tally was. (I am aware of some flagrant rules violations, but the offenders will receive their karmic punishment eventually.)


Even Risk Express made an appearance! NatX is still awaiting his copy.

Galaxy Trucker was played for the third time, and really appreciated for the first. I have no pics, but here is a weird Youtube video of it showing the first phase of the game.

In a nutshell, you build your ship, then fly it through a card driven adventure, and try to make money from your journey. Probably better with alcohol.

I finally opened Blokus Trigon, and lost to Reebs. If I remember correctly, this is my first loss at any flavor of Blokus, boo. Regardless of my lack of victory, I think the game is less fun, since it inspires far fewer jokes, or perhaps we just haven’t figured them out yet.?

Citadels made it to the table, but I was too much of a spaz to finish it, as I needed to get to the Quake Wars game inside. Sorry Red and Reebs. Expect a full pictorial on this game later.

The highlight of the night was the Colosseum game that went long after the party was scheduled to end. I had a great time, but I had to wake up at 6 in the morning for some work stuff. Painful.

Reebs won… all by herself, with no help from anyone. Here’s her production of “Isis’ Revealed Secrets”.


… and the scoring track. I lost, by a lot (blue). Jester (green) was second biggest loser, and Pottse (red) was third. Seraphim (orange) came second. Notice that purple one all the way around the board at 104.


By the time we wrapped up, it was 1am. So much for this being a Daywalker BP.

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    Stub Daddy Says:

    hey, Pandemic is a cooperative game, we just…cooperated.

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