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01 Jan

Weirdo Sunday Bunker Party Prep

My 360 Red-ringed last week, so I had to get a new one. (Guess who bought it 3 years and 1 day before?)

I replaced it with an Arcade, to make sure I got a Jasper and HDMI. This meant using the old hard drive, and the transferring of content. If anyone is interested, or I am bored, I will post the details of 360 DRM management.

The Bunker was a disaster, mainly because I had vomited little styrene spaceships all over the place. Details on those later. You are on pins and needles, I can tell.

The Wii needed to be retrieved from the family room, since Mrs. G has decided to Karaoke on it with the rodents. Disappointing note: T-Bird has decided that she hates Wii Music. This was going to be my entr?e into turning her into a gamer. Boo.

Steam started their gigantic sale, which meant I could finally buy the remaining copies of Counter-Strike Source that I needed. Luckily they unfroze my credit cards in their system. Unluckily no one cares about this game, including me.

Savage 2 was installed on all the machines, but needed to be patched. I did this while T-Bird played games at Sprout Online. Unfortunately, the intro screen scared the crap out of her, possibly scarring her (more) forever.

Finally, all the junk that had accumulated in the Analog room was shoved into the Storage room. That place is a deathtrap again. Anyone want some computer stuff?

3 Responses to “Weirdo Sunday Bunker Party Prep”

  1. 1
    DrFaulken Says:

    Sorry to hear that — looks like my good luck with my 360 death sucked all the good luck out of yours. 🙁 Mine died with a week left on the warranty. What a bummer.

  2. 2
    JKoran Says:

    You guys didnt know that bunkerguts.com had lurkers did you? Well it does.

    Neat to hear that someones killing time at Sprout Online. I now work at the web-design firm that designed and built that page. Neat fact!

    At the same time good to hear you are playing L4D bugs and all it beats the gameplay experience of DOTA.

    Keep gaming.


  3. 3
    Keith Says:

    please become bored and post the details

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