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22 Aug

Days of Wonder has moved on from BattleLore! (and I am happy as a clam!)

I love Days of Wonder games. In fact, I think I have opened several posts with exactly those words several times in the past.

However, they haven’t put anything new out in a while, and that has really bummed me out. I don’t know if this is true, but I have been blaming BattleLore.

Sure, the game has lots of cool bits, and if it is anything like Memoir 44, (which I enjoyed my one brief play of) it should be fun.

However, I’m sick of going to the DOW website and being bombarded with news of up and coming Battlelore expansion packs, and no new games!

So… I was quite surprised, and endlessly pleased when I saw this bizarre press release on Fantasy Flight’s website titled: “FFG to Produce, Distribute BattleLore“.

Here’s hoping that DOW will get back to work making great themey games with great bits, and that FFG will use that Battlelore money to speed up the production of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: THE BOARD GAME!!!! OMGZ!!!111one)

3 Responses to “Days of Wonder has moved on from BattleLore! (and I am happy as a clam!)”

  1. 1
    Markus O'Reallyus Says:

    Hello, I was surfing the internet and I happened upon this site. I wanted to let you know it looks great and I look forward to the posts to come. It reminds me of a blog I once frequented… in fact it reminds me of it a lot. Wait a minute… this IS the blog I used to know and love.

    I know you’ve gotten like 50+ new games in the past year and tested many of them out, several at the BPs. You should write about a few of them. (Although I realized that’s easy to say when I’m not the one committing the time and effort.)

  2. 2
    Gangrene Says:


    I have enough life-sapping things going on at the moment, I needed to just push a few of them away. I have even failed to recap the last three BPs (which were all great.) Hopefully I can blame this on summer, and pick up for the fall.

  3. 3
    Pottse Says:

    I wonder if the BSG game will come out before you make a new post…

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