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03 Mar

Bunker Upgrade Revealed – Analog Room

I picked up this groovy table and chairs set from my favorite place… Unique Thrift Store, for $100. They were beat to hell. I spent this weekend taking them apart, washing the… DNA… or whatever it was encrusted all over them, buffing and polishing, and finally reassembling. One chair probably won’t make it, unless I whip out the JB Weld.?


All in all, I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

In other news, I got the PS3 Eye of Judgement during an Amazon DotD a month back. It will be out and ready for play from any nerd nerdy enough to try it out.

03 Mar

Bunker Upgrade Revealed – Lan Stuff

It’s been a long stretch of months. I’ve spent a lot of time in the hole tearing this thing apart and putting it back together. Now it’s time for the reveal of the ultimate grayness… Bunker 2.10.0!

Thanks to a very fortuitous Craigslist listing back in November, I procured two more Dell E521’s. In order to accommodate them, I pulled out the surface on the back wall and moved it to the right. there are now five machines. On each side. If we were organized enough, we could balance our team games so that a single team were on each side.

03 Jan

Bunker Tragedy

So, Ma and Pa are out, watching the Illusionist (which was lame, btw, and can’t hold a candle to “The Prestige” which was teh awes0m3z.)

Next thing I know, Pa is running out saying… “uh son… I think there’s something wrong with yr projector… there was this ‘pop’, and it all went dark.”

$300 later:




03 Jan

There’s doin’s a transpirin!

Change is painful, folks. This is the sixth day of the attack of PA.100_1059

Expect coolness… to be revealed later!


More carnage.


I’ll be vacuuming for weeks.


02 Oct

Bunker “Style”

In the comments for IGN: Ultimate Setup XLVII, I’ve been harshly criticized about the general blandness of the Bunker. I quote:

“This is a bit much for me…….maybe he should get a life? Does look cool but really designed poorly just because all the walls are white and really plan I mean pimp out the room with some posters or paint the walls, but who ever uses a whole house for gaming is either insane or needs to lose their virginity…..…” – LadiesLoveCooLJ

20 Sep

The easiest (and ugliest) Bunker upgrade evar – The iOne Lynx-Q5 7-Button 1600dpi Gaming Mouse

Before and After

Before? After

So, the entire IT department is Wooting Off, and this rrreallllly ugly mouse comes up for 5 Bucks American… and I’m wondering, do I buy it? And all the douchebags are bitching about it not being a Bag of Crap instead of telling me whether it is worth it or not… And I’m still wondering, do I buy it? Because, a Tangathon is going on at the same time and the wife is going to rip me to shreds if she finds out that I’d bought another version of Carcassonne… and… two different versions of Settlers of Catan… and should I buy the damn mice? It’s running out… they’re running out of stock… and I’ve got 7 machines on The Lan that could really use a groovy gaming mouse with variable DPI and all that jazz.

11 Sep

Building the Bunker – The Platform

The Room, empty and doorless

Today alone,?I got about 1200 views from xbox.com.?In the forums,?I got a lot of “that?must cost a lot” types of posts.

However, one of the goals of the Bunker Project Log is to show that there are lots of cool things you can do with a little work, and hopefully less money.

Since I’ve just managed to dig?a few pictures?up, and have been promising them elsewhere, here are some shots of?Bunker 2.0 in it’s infancy.

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