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02 Nov

Cobalt Flux Wii, Step 2 – Close but no cigar

I’ve been slacking off. Thanks to The Orange Box, I’ve been Portaling, Episode 2’ing, and listening to “Still Alive” over and over again (and having a hard time sleeping because of it.)

Anyway, since I had something more important to do, I decided it would be a great time to make some progress on Cobalt Flux Wii!

First, I decided to just cheap out and scratch that conductive shizzle off and lay those traces bare.


That is as simple as scraping them with a utility knife blade.

Next, I whipped out a green scrubby and made it all shiny like.

23 Oct

Cobalt Flux Wii – Finalii! Step 1

Well, I failed at convincing Mrs. G to buy me Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party for The Wii, but I did the next best thing… I bought it myself for only 40 bones! (Special thanks to Stub for finding it at Outpost.com!)

Anyway, all I really needed was some information. Most importantly… what kind of connector does the bundled pad have?! In the pictures, it looks like it is wireless… If so, I would be screwed. I was very concerned about tearing apart a semi-technologically advanced piece of gear, especially since it is likely that I will screw it up.

01 Oct

Cobalt Flux Wii?

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party?came out on Wednesday, but?I am on credit card probation.

I keep trying to convince Mrs. G that she really needs to buy it for me, for the good of all Cobalt Flux owners everywhere, because I will figure out what it takes to mod this bad boy!

So, if you are a proud owner of a Cobalt Flux, and a Wii, and are waiting to take the plunge, leave a comment and tell Mrs. G that she needs to put down the 70 bones so I can show you the light!

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