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03 Aug

Asymmetric Mamefare – Mametiplication – Mamedrox

The recently acquired MAME Cabinet was sort of the dream fulfilled, but before that fell in my lap, I had decided to settle on converting my Make Trax Cocktail machine into a MAME cabinet. This was brought out to me by my Pa?a few moons ago. I hadn’t really had a chance of messing with it, because it was buried under? massive piles of junk (that now solely inhabit the Bunker Workroom.)


My previous plan was to make replicas of the wooden control panel base. These are basically a piece of longer than wide plywood, on which I can place the standard stick and 6 button combo.

03 Aug

Bunker MAME cleanup

As I mentioned in Episode I of the Bunker MAME project, there was some serious stickyage going on with?Player?1’s button set.?I felt that before I could continue on?with the project, this had to be rectified.

?Luckily, my 3 year old ensures an adequate supply of?disposable plastic cups, so?I loaded?one up with buttons.

Soakin da buttons

Then I filled it with rubbing alcohol, taped on a second matching cup and made like a Martini and shook. (This is practically an ad for Olive Garden Kid’s Meals.)

Sealed cup 'o' buttons

01 Aug

zOMG! Bunker MAME Foreals! Part I

I have been talking a good game about getting a Bunker MAME cabinet going for a while now. I’ve spent enough time with the software to?think it was eezy cheezy, but the?hardware has been a little daunting. First, I don’t really have the tools,?and second, I hate being reminded of all the dumb mistakes. In this case, we are talking about a piece of furniture that has to look?good.

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