Bunker Project Log

The Bathroom


Defining Features:

The Toilet that can flush 100 golf balls
The medicine cabinet with every gamer’s needs
The 23″ LCD on the wall
The Skinny:
Believe it or not… that TV is quite practical. Do any of you have spouses that can’t make it through a 90 minute movie without having to pee 4 times? My man-bladder is good for JFK, or if necessary, the entire first season of 24 (but only if Jack Bauer didn’t come to my house and kick me in the kidneys). I have instituted a no pausing rule, and this is the only way to get away with it.

It has also come in handy with my very unhealthy Lego Bionicle obsession (damn Microsoft, and their gamer score!) The camera on that thing is so fast, I need a demerol… or a quick trip to the crapper. Which, by golly, means I can just keep on playing! And the smaller screen kind of bring me out of the urp zone just long enough to get back to the big one.

Now to the can itself. The advertisements for this thing actually say that it can flush 100 golf balls, so I bought it. I don’t want my parties ruined by a monster IT doody!



You Lose! But only if you play crappy fighting games… like this one!


Back to the Bunker…


Hmm… urinal fresh!


We can cure any of your gaming session ailments!


A shower full of… XMODS Cases! (This is to discourage anyone from actually _using_ the shower.)


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