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06 Dec

Bunker Party Preview – Analog room mutation

Lots of changes, this time to the Analog room. We have achieved carpet, which came from my Ivory Tower office (I recently upgraded to Brazilian Cherry laminate up there… woohoo!)


“Suggested” games in the corner.


06 Dec

Bunker Party Sneak Preview – Buzz Trivia!

This is a two year old game from the UK, but I couldn’t pass it up. I tried it out with Mrs. G, Markus, and his wummin Abba. It was fun, and changed all throughout the game, first Markus crushed, then I stomped, and finally Abba reigned supreme. It’s one of those games where you never know until the end.

As you can see from the pic, the game support 8 players, with each getting a fancy buzzer doohicky. For those that want to read more about it, check out this Gamerankings mega-link to all the reviews fit to print.

26 Nov

Enough negativitah! Rock Band Intro is suh-weet!

The Guitar Hero games all had forgettable intro videos, and I had never really cared. But then… I saw the Rock Band flick, which is hella-radtaculor to the max! Enjoy!

26 Nov

Rock Band PS3?


Everyone knows that I love my 360, and abhor the PS3, but the whole wired guitar thing on the 360 was really chafing me. So, I hedged my bets and preordered both a 360 and a PS3 version of Rock Band, hoping that I would figure out which one I wanted, or eventually just assumed I could have one in each room, and let everyone get a chance to play what will most likely be one of the most popular Bunker games ever.

26 Nov

Rock Band Rant

Rock Band Stuff

Okay, so I’ve been hyping Rock Band pretty hard around here. I even bought two… one for the 360 in the Theater, and one for the PS3 to be moved into the DDR Room, just to keep up with demand.

I ripped it open and played it non-stop from 8pm to Midnight with Z and Mrs. G. I got 100s on almost all of the vocals on medium, Z got 96s on lead guitar on expert (the first time around too!) and Mrs. G, who has never been on a drum set in her life, is now a committed drummer, and was in the high 80s by the end of the session.

26 Nov

Mrs G. puts the G in Galaxy


When I first got the Wii, I set it up in the living room, which has a crappy TV. This was mainly because component cables were impossible to find, and I didn’t want to sully the Bunker with composite output anything.

Then, I got my component cable, and moved it to the theater. The problem was, I never had time to play it anyway.

It didn’t really get used until I got smart and moved it to the DDR Room. It was perfect there. People play it at the parties, and there is enough room to swing your arms around for Wii Tennis and whatnot.

26 Nov

Bunker Plog finally upgraded!

I finally grew the stones to upgrade to WordPress 2.3 (2.3.1 actually.) You’ve also probably noticed the new theme (unless you are one of the RSS reader types.)

With this, I’ve started on the long list of things that have been bugging me. I’ve put Tanga up on the left, because those ginormous Adsense ads aren’t doing jack for me anyway. I tried adjusting my permalinks, but that is causing me trouble, so I’m back to the old-school p=xxx crap.

26 Oct

Stealing Dangerkitty’s TV


So, Natx had this gigantic TV. Of course he lives on the third floor of his elevatorless building.

Luckily, I have my two big strong buddies Jjam and Pottse to help lug this mofo down the three flights, and out into the rain. Thanks fellas.

It’s not the most exciting upgrade, but it should make the Donkey Konga sessions and Double Dash races a little bigger.


Coming soon… the convergence circuit repair!

05 Oct

Kool Thing! Guitar Hero III no longer a Bunker stopgap

As all two of you who regularly read the world famous Bunker Plog know, I am peeing my pants for Rock Band. I have pre-ordered both the 360 and the PS3 version, in hopes of choosing one and sticking with it, or just saying screw it, and having a full Rock Band setup in both the DDR room, and the Theater. (Battle of the Bands anyone?)

However, when I saw this Joystiq post, I knew that Guitar Hero III had gone from a “probably… unless I really get bitched out by the wife” to “don’t even think of telling me that I’m not getting this game, wummin!”

30 Sep

For shaun.lavery

I got a comment on the IGN Ultimate Setup XLVII article that I had to respond to:

“Where’s the Mountain Dew in the fridge!?! I thought this was supposed to be a gamer’s paradise?”

I had to respond because, at the last Bunker Party, I bought some Halo Mountain Dew to appease the M$ marketing juggernaut. (For those of you who know me, and know my feelings about Halo, the?joke will be understood.)??


So there you have it shaun.lavery, yes… there occassionally is Mountain Dew at the Bunker, but I prefer crab juice. Although I doubt that I will find any Halo crab juice.

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