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05 Oct

Kool Thing! Guitar Hero III no longer a Bunker stopgap

As all two of you who regularly read the world famous Bunker Plog know, I am peeing my pants for Rock Band. I have pre-ordered both the 360 and the PS3 version, in hopes of choosing one and sticking with it, or just saying screw it, and having a full Rock Band setup in both the DDR room, and the Theater. (Battle of the Bands anyone?)

However, when I saw this Joystiq post, I knew that Guitar Hero III had gone from a “probably… unless I really get bitched out by the wife” to “don’t even think of telling me that I’m not getting this game, wummin!”

The source of excitement? Not only a Sonic Youth?song… but probably the most rockin Sonic Youth song in existence. Kool Thing.?

Note: before you music snobs start talking trash about sellout albums and the like, I must say that I owned all the previous releases. I wasn’t one of the trainjumpers who discovered SY at Daydream Nation, I was a longtime fan. I used to dick around with a crappy guitar banging the strings with forks and tuning it all weird until I eventually bent the neck. (I still do the same thing, for those of you who have not had the misfortune of hearing me “play”.)

So, after crapping my pants after hearing the news, then changing my undies, I took a second to Youtube for this:


This brought back all my near post-teen fantasies… Kim Gordon, my dream girl, already almost 40 years old. Me at First Ave in the frozen north, standing in the front row, sweating through my oh so anti-social trench-coat. Staring up at her while my unprotected ears were damaged note by note. Dreaming that night that the band had dropped by the house that I had grown up in, then hung out for a day like old friends. I made the mistake of asking “before you go, can I have your autograph?” Her looking back disappointedly: “I thought you were a cool guy.” Then unceremoniously driving away.

I am young again every time I watch that video, I can’t wait to play.

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    Reba Says:

    Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore live in the town where I went to college. They played an acoustic show on campus one night. Unfortunately, it was too packed for me to be in there, but I stood outside and listened to them (nearly) rock out. Based on Kim’s banter that evening, I know she would think you were cool, regardless of your autograph hounding.

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