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13 Aug

Bargain Alert! 4G Sony USB Memory Stick for $29.99 at Target B&M

I have documented my love of Target before. This weekend contained two blissful trips to that commercial mecca.?On the second, I stumbled upon this deal.?I’m posting it here because: 1) it’s a great deal and you should buy it, and 2) I get to bitch about USB memory stick design, which, on the whole, is moronic.

First, why this is cool? 4Gigs be big. It’s light and svelte, and most importantly, this:

In! Out

and… it also does this:

Out In!?


Why doesn’t every memory stick manufacturer do this? Because,?USB memory key designers are chimps, that’s why. How many of you have lost that stupid cap? How many of you?bent the connector? How many of you have gotten sand or lint or?some other unmentionable pocket “stuff” jammed in there? It’s okay to admit it, all of you have!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

?Stupid Cap

I don’t even take that cap with me, that’s the only reason I still have it.

Now, there are?a few?problems with this deal, the first is that I’m forced to recommend a Sony product (that isn’t Singstar.) However, my guilt is assuaged by this being at a $50 markdown from the 79.99 MSRP.

The second is that the lanyard acceptor doo-dad is very small, and possibly very weak. I know I am going to have to devise some buttressing:

Crappy Strappy place

Finally, this thing ain’t no speed demon. It took about 15 minutes to transfer 2 gigs of pics (but only about 3 to transfer a 1 gig file.)

So, should you decide to seek out this deal, here’s a pic of the blister:

What to look for in store

Good hunting!

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    DangerKitty Says:

    If you did your research you could easily find a much better desgned device.


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