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20 Aug

360 Guitars – the X-Ploder

As some of you know, I have a hate hate relationship with the PS3. Because of it, I had to buy a charge station to keep my single Sixaxxis charged up (since it won’t charge when the console is off… brilliant.) It ruined all the warm and gooshy feelings that I have for God of War, since I attempted to play GOWII on the PS3 with the Sixaxxis (which, besides having no rumble, is heftless, and has the cheapest most cynical afterthought as a response to the 360’s trigger… the hideous “extended” L2 and R2 buttons.)

And finally,?I have to keep?a PS2 in the theater, because Guitar Hero won’t work on the PS3. And yes, I bought the adapters, and they don’t work with 2 and 80’s, because, as I’ve mentioned before, Red Octane are jerks.

So anyway, you can’t believe how excited I was to hear that Guitar Hero was coming out on the 360. I was imagining wireless guitars, Live play, downloadable content, HD, that groovy foot pedal connector, achievements, and finally… the death of my PS2.

So… what did we get? The pathetic X-plorer. First, half of them came out broken (and yes, mine was in the broken batch.) Second, no wireless option (still!) Third, the groovy connector don’t do nothin. And finally, it feels awful! Because of the weird angle of the thing, and the jutting?end of the “X” it hangs wrong on my 6’3″ frame. Also, the control cluster is right where I did my crazy pre-song Primus bass slap thingy on the original Gibson, which totally cramps my style.

So what am I going to do about it? If I get my ass in gear before GHIII comes out, I am going to hack an original Gibson to work on the 360. This shouldn’t be too hard, other than the finding the time part.

If anyone has an original Gibson with a shot control circuit (but otherwise working buttons and such) drop me a line, I’ll take it off your hands for a fair price!

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