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24 Mar

Twilight Imperium, Attempt Deux


For whatever reason, the four of us (excluding Princess NotCool, AKA, Mrs. G) who played TI last time, all had this romantic notion that we would have a great time playing it again.

For me it was the white whale. I was bound and determined to make it through this damned game, whether we enjoyed it or not.

So, did we enjoy it? I’m not sure. Did we finish it? Almost. Z thinks Red5 was headed for a win, but I had managed to Diplomacy Markus into the boredom zone, and he was breaking off… which could have led me to Mecatol Rex, which my Secret Objective was all about.

Here’s the little cold war going on with my forced Diplomatic buddy Markus:


He had skeezed his way into a pair of planets due to my really dumb reading of the Diplomacy card. My masterstroke… smashed! I was such a gleeful bastard about it too.

Here’s all we had to show for our troubles.


Z was the Nerds at 3, Markus the tuwtles at 4, I was the cyborg bastards at 5, and Red5 the… umm… I can’t even remember what those are. We’ll call the the cheeyits at seeyix.

Anyway, I’m waiting another 5 months for the trois de gras.

6 Responses to “Twilight Imperium, Attempt Deux”

  1. 1
    VitaminZ Says:

    I fault my lame point total to messed up rule undertanding in the beginning 😉
    Also, Red5 still hadn’t played his Imperial card when we quit, so we was going to end up with at least 8 that turn.
    I’m still disappointed though that I never got to unlease the fury of the War Suns that I sneakily researched 🙁

  2. 2
    Gangrene Says:

    -1 to all dice rolls for the nerds. Plus, yr puny War Suns would be devastated by the Sabotage Run (from page 35 of the rule book):

    “Although the mighty War Sun unit is the undisputed
    king of space, history has shown that such
    hubris of creation often hides a fatal flaw that can
    be exploited by the smallest of spacecraft.
    When using this game option, Fighter units have a
    desperate chance of a pre-Space Battle strike at an
    enemy War Sun in the contested system. This desperate
    attack is called the ?sabotage run.?
    A sabotage run takes place before an actual Space
    Battle begins, immediately after any Destroyer
    Anti-Fighter Barrage.
    Both players (attacker first) may announce that they
    are making a Sabotage run against an enemy War
    Sun in the battle (if no War Sun is present among
    the enemy units, a player cannot undertake a sabotage
    If both players have War Suns, the attacker should
    resolve his sabotage run first, followed by the
    After announcing a sabotage run, a player must
    commit a number of Fighter units to the dangerous
    task. After a number of Fighters have been committed,
    the sabotage run is executed over two rounds
    of die rolls.
    1) The Outer Defenses
    Roll a die for every Fighter committed to the sabotage
    run. On an unmodified result of 9 or 10, the
    Fighter makes it through the outer defenses of the
    War Sun. All other results destroy the Fighter unit,
    which receives no return fire.
    2) The Inner Defenses
    For every Fighter unit that made it past the outer
    defenses of the War Sun, roll another die (one at a
    time). If the fighter rolls an unmodified result of 10,
    the sabotage run is successful and the War Sun is
    immediately destroyed. Such a destroyed War Sun
    receives no return fire. All other die results instantly
    destroy the Fighter unit, which receives no return
    Surviving Fighter units are able to participate in the
    subsequent Space Battle. An unharmed War Sun is
    able to participate in the Space Battle with no ill
    Should an opponent have two War Sun units, a
    player is allowed to make a sabotage run against
    both units by dividing his committed Fighters into
    two separate pools. With each of these pools attacking
    one specific War Sun, simply resolve each separate
    sabotage run, one at a time.”

  3. 3
    VitaminZ Says:

    Each fighter has only a 2% chance of destroying my mighty War Sun, otherwise it dies. + I had a crapton of technologies boosting my various damages.
    Go Nerds!

  4. 4
    Markus O'Reallyus Says:

    Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

    I know we’ve said it playing at the table and it’s probably somewhere in your original write-up of this game but this game ‘borrows’ a lot of content from star wars. The chits, as you would call them, look exactly like spacecraft from the movies and even the Death Star… I mean War Sun, has the remote chance of being taken down by an X-Wing… I mean Fighter. I’m surprised you don’t first have to role to see if Leia successfully hides and recovers the secret plans before being able to declare a Sabotage Run.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter about this at all. I think we’ve all professed our undying love of The Trilogy and it was even more fitting that we watched some of the movies while playing it.

    Next time i think my strategy will be to play my race better. I wasn’t using my specials properly.

  5. 5
    Gangrene Says:

    To clarify, the chits are the cardboard pieces. Calling them cheeyits was just to advance Red5’s weirdo meme.

    Virtually every ship is taken from an existing sci-fi franchise. Intentionally, I’m absolutely certain.

    Dreadnought = Star Destroyer
    Carrier = Correllian Corvette
    War Sun = Death Star
    Fighter = X-Wing
    Cruiser = Battlestar Galactica
    PDS = Ion Cannon
    Destroyer = another Star Destroyer?

    The _next time_ we will all be TI masters. I plan on wearing full regalia of whatever race I randomly choose, up to and including breast augmentation if I get the hot psychic snake chicks.

  6. 6
    Greg Hancock Says:

    This is an awesome game but it does take time to learn all of the cards, races, rules, counters and times to do what and where. The fact that the board is always different and you never know what race you are going to play always makes it a new experience. GMDice

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