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25 Jul

New Bunker Lan Debut of Epicitude

Saturday started with the realization that the nerd surface was useless in the dark Lan/Theater Area. It was switched with the Make Trax cabinet out in the analog room. I wonder why I hadn’t thought of that before.

Anyway, with that detail and some final cleaning up out of the way, I headed off to paintball, very late. I came back dirty, bruised and coppery with sweat. All I wanted to do was take a shower. I was thwarted by the first round of guests. All told, we had 35+ people in the bunker from 4pm to 3am.

DOTA Begins – I still don’t understand the allure. These dorks played this game for 10+ hours.


Analoggin’ – I was glad so much stuff got played out here


BigBass’s Coterie – Umm… yeah… these guys were there.


The rest:

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