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26 Aug

Lights out


Mrs. G’s entire family, and their family’s families are here from across the pond. This is a lot of people. A lot of… ahem… older people.

So… of course I wanted to have a Bunker Party for them. I really want to test out the Wii on a group of unsuspecting Sexa and Septuagenarians.

Things were going pretty well. Everything was clean, powered up and ready to go. Then the second the first group arrived, the sky broke open. We?were in the middle of some sort of freak, instantaneous, in-land hurricane thingy. The house shook, the roof plinked and popped with the sound of hail, and to my horror, the lights browned for a minute, and finally went out entirely.

No more Wii and no “cinema” as my guests say. And since it’s dark, I can’t even rope anyone in to a game of Carcassonne.?Everybody loves Carcassonne!

The power came back at 1am, which explains why I still haven’t got my session reviews up, and also explains why I was in bed at midnight for the first time since I was 8.

I think the Bunker needs a generator. I’ll keep you posted.

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