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05 Sep

The Cable Bundle Solved! (for now)

The finished product:

A little masculine, but safe

I’ve been bitching about the cable bundle for a while now, and finally decided to post it up at avsforum.com?to see what the AV masters could come up with. One of the users over there, rgroves, suggested that I look at Checkers. So I did, and immediately requested a quote, mentioning the situation.

I got a call back within the hour, and I found myself ordering “The Fastlane“.

It was roughly an hour later that rgroves responded to my thread suggesting that I just build something rather that buy something that would “probably look hideous in your room”.

That made me feel a little toolish, but whatev, I’m a busy guy, so I can cut corners somewhere right?

However, this is supposed to be a project log, and there was a tiny bit of elbow grease expended to make it all work, so here are some pictures…

This may void my warranty!

This may void my warranty

When I cut it, it vomited out these black wormy shavings, it was kinda creepy. The pic doesn’t do it justice.

Rubber Spray

For those of you concerned with the obvious aesthetic problems, here is what the average bunker attendee will see

What the average Bunker Party attendee will see

So, it’s all good, sort of.


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