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11 Sep

Building the Bunker – The Platform

The Room, empty and doorless

Today alone,?I got about 1200 views from xbox.com.?In the forums,?I got a lot of “that?must cost a lot” types of posts.

However, one of the goals of the Bunker Project Log is to show that there are lots of cool things you can do with a little work, and hopefully less money.

Since I’ve just managed to dig?a few pictures?up, and have been promising them elsewhere, here are some shots of?Bunker 2.0 in it’s infancy.

Here is the underside of the platform that the second set of seats are bolted down to. It is 9″ high, which is just enough to see over the recliners in the front row, without blocking the view from the Lan (not that people are looking at it much.) The wood for this cost around $80, IIRC.

The bottom of the platform

I’m not going to say that the platform is square, nor perfectly engineered, but it is really heavy, and those chairs aren’t going anywhere.

The chairs themselves came from an eBay action, $40 each… shipped. I bought seven so I would have a spare just in case. I feel very lucky to have gotten in on that deal. I think my general lack of luck in games (I always lose) is made up for with finds like this.

Bolted down

The chairs came out of the box?smelling a little moldy smelling, but once they had aired out for a week or too (and a little Fabreze), they?are just fine. They are also surprisingly comfortable. At least, no one seems to mind sitting back there.

Finally, I wrapped the platforms in this synthetic outdoor carpet stuff you see here. I think this came out to about $25 with the adhesive. This was actually one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the install, because it barely fit, and I had to goop the entire thing up with the adhesive and lay it out just right.

?Of course, I took the chairs off the platform before I glued this stuff down.

The Platform naked, with it's eventual skin

All totaled, the second row of seats cost less than $400. That’s less than one of the Berkline Recliners that went in the front row.

Here is a picture where you can see them in the hubbub of a bunker party.


And here is one of the few pictures I have where you can see these occupied (sort of)… by the H-man, all by his lonesome.

Dystopia blues??

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