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26 Sep

Ugh… another Tangathon

Oh crap…?

?I love Tanga. They have a great business model, cool content, and they are run by this guy?(how cool is that?). I have bought a godzillion things there.

And that’s the problem.

For an obsessive compulsive collector hobbyist weirdo like me, with a previously disposable income…?but now a father of two whose expenses are catching up with him, this is very bad.

So, when Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition (the “Real Gamer’s version”)?showed up at the appointed time of Tanga (1opm EST for the uninitiated) I did my usual bolt downstairs, halfway through a 5-player game?of Fluxx no less.

Then I hesitated.?The Tangathon marquee flashed. The $24.99 price tag?said to me, “I’m so cheap, and you want me so?bad… come on baby, just buy it.”

And I hesitated some more. The marquee continued it’s cycle.

And then I said to myself, “I’ve got a lot of games. Do I really need more games?”

?”Of course I do.” I said to myself.

“But you have about 30 unopened games from the last 3 months of Tangathons and other ‘good deals’. Are you ever going to play them?”


“And… Mrs. G will be really, really mad.”

Exhale to deep sigh.

So, I took my hand off the mouse, and went back upstairs. I continued Fluxx, and I whined a little. And my chest was really tight just thinking about that great deal that I had passed up.

It wasn’t any easier today when a whole boatload of great stuff showed up, particularly Starfarers of Catan. I’ve had major wood for anything Catan lately, and the space theme has me gagging for it.

But I’ve made it so far. Sorry TangaJoe, TangaJen, TangaMonkey and the rest of the crew. I think I’m going to pass, as much as I don’t want to.

See you again when my credit card has recovered. Don’t forget me.?

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