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16 Oct

Conservation of Mass

A week ago, I had to help my buddy Jjam out with some network issues he had. This amounted to telling him to just a buy a new router, and that led to him needing a 15-foot network cable.

The thing is, I have been seriously slamming crap into the Bunker Workshop/Storage room. I mean, I just threw everything that I needed to get out of the way in there. By the time I was digging around for the network cable, there was stuff piled to the ceiling. We were literally climbing up and digging down through piles of crap to find a box full of cable that I knew was there. In the end, I couldn’t find it.

So, that is when I decided that it was time to clean this crap out. I took the day off from work just to go through it.

Here’s what the storage room looked like before (note that you can’t actually get in there.)

Enter the mess

And here’s the after


And here’s the Analog room before


And the after


Anybody else get the feeling that this crap is just migrating from one spot to another?

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