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17 Oct

Twilight Erroneum – Mrred5 r0x0rz!

In the Friday game of TI?there were lots of rules questions, but I had an answer for all of them (that I remember…) except one. For some reason, I had interpreted the rules for production of units to mean that any Tactical or Transfer Action could be followed by Production… anywhere. So, we would activate a system, move junk around, then activate the system with our spacedock, then build there. This did not sit well with Mrred5.

I had been prepared for this. My laptop was near the table, I had the rules, and printouts of a bunch of stuff including turn flowcharts, race descriptors, and unit cost breakdowns.?So when the question came up, I tried to look it up in all of the resources I had, and?still found no answer.?Later, days after the game?I had still not found anyone discussing this particular question. So I took it up with the the Geek.

The answer? It was spelled out pretty clearly in the rules (clearly enough that no one else in the known universe had missed it!) 🙂

?”Except for the first step (the activation itself), each individual step of the Activation Sequence is only resolved if the condition for its resolution applies or is initiated by the active player. A player, for example, may activate a system to produce new units there during step 7, but does not necessarily have to move any ships into the system during step 2.”

Special thanks to The Barefoot Killer for supplying the exact quote,?and sasquatchdjh and?Gilby for answering my query!

And extra special thanks to Mrred5 for coming to the dizzle having read the rules in the first place. It really helped to have someone else to corroborate with!

The unfortunate side effect is, now the turns will be even longer. Production will have to be a separate action from movement, adding one or two more required actions for each player. It also means a few more Command counters will be?going into the command pool.?Do you feel the squeeze fellas??

4 Responses to “Twilight Erroneum – Mrred5 r0x0rz!”

  1. 1
    Markus O'Reallyus Says:

    I’m not sure i follow how this means that production is a separate action from movement. ‘but does not necessarily have to move any ships’ sounds like ‘but could if he/she so desired’. I can kind of see where you should have to pay an extra command counter to build. I mean, just because I moved into a system doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost anything to build.

    This comment should not be interpreted as ‘you’re wrong!’ but more along the lines of ‘Huh? Wha? I don’t follow’.

    This comment will self-destruct in 10 seconds.

  2. 2
    VitaminZ Says:

    I kinda disagree with both interpretations you guys through out.

    From what I remember (and I think what Mrred5 was saying too) the only difference is that you can’t activate more than one system in a turn. You activate a system, then move guys into it if you want, do any combat, and then produce if you want. Only costs one command counter, but you cant like move into one system and then on your same turn activate your home planet and build.

    Discuss ^_^

  3. 3
    Gangrene Says:

    It’s not separate from movement, it just means that the only thing you can do in the Tactical or Transfer action is operate on one single previously unactivated system. Thus, you can:

    1) Activate a system
    2) Move to it (or transfer between it and another) – or not
    3) Produce in it if it has a spacedock you have controlled for the entire round – or not

    You can’t activate more than one system in a Tactical action. Therefore you can only operate on that system.

    You can’t activate more than two systems in a Transfer action. Therefore you can only operate on _those_ systems.

  4. 4
    Gangrene Says:

    <p>You are exactly right Z, unfortunately, I didn’t see your comment there because of the approval process (sorry about that, but I get tons of spam on the comments, so it is a necessity.)</p>

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