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22 Sep

Bunker Party 2007-09-21: Zombieless Zombies!

OMG. There’s this game called Zombies!… and the box has, like, 5 million little zombie guys in it, and… like… the game is named ZOMBIES! But, we were like, at this party, where we played it, and there were like…┬áNO ZOMBIES! We played the whole friggin game, and there were like, 3 zombies all the way through it. WTH???


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    DrFaulken Says:

    So wait, were the zombies put out like they were supposed to be, or did the set only have three zombie pieces? On any normal tile (i.e., not a named store or the chopper pad) you should put out one zombie for every intersection.

    I love that game, we tend to only play with the original set but I do own all the expansions.

  2. 2
    Gangrene Says:

    There was the tiniest bit of reverse hyperbole there… we had some “shuffling difficulties” and _everyone_ pulled vanilla street tiles for about 15 rounds… thus, the 5 new players to the game were wondering why we should even be playing it.

    Zombies did show up by the end, but by then, no one cared.

    I do have amore compelling Zombie post here:


    I will also have to reread the rules. Is that intersection thing a house rule?

  3. 3
    Gangrene Says:


    Yes… I am dumb.

    The last two plays of this game went without placing Zombies on vanilla tiles for each street exit. I was wondering why it didn’t feel as frenetic as my first game.

    I don’t know how it happened, but my rulebook is not in the box (I probably brought it to work to show someone), so my poor players were at my mercy.

    I will find some way to atone!

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    NatX Says:

    Back in the day when you made fun of me for playing Clix games, I tried to tell you about Zombies. Only to have you poo poo it. I am noticing a trend here, in another 3 years you’ll be telling me how great Hilary is. Oh damn, I almost typed that without laughing

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