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22 Sep

Bunker Party 2007-09-21: The part where Pottse sprays blood all over the place

So I’m chillin playing Ricochet Robots, or Turbo Taxi, or something, and Pottse comes limping in with his feet wrapped in toilet paper. Somehow, he managed to slice one of his feeties open on one of the Cobalt Fluxi. (Could this be revenge for me talking so much trash?about it lately?)

Unfortunately, like all my crappy pictures, it didn’t?come out quite like it did in real life, which was… like, totally gross, thick, and weirdly fluorescent…WTF?

Pottse's Blood... so... flourescent?

Anyway, we took 15 and whipped out the Oxi Clean(which really does work, btw.)

Cleaning up after Pottse sprayed blood all over the place

The attention whore rides again!


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