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04 Mar



We had a group of five, but VitaminZ was stranded at work, so we busted out the 4-Player max Pandemic. No offense Z, but we are lucky we started with this game, because it was truly awesome.

The first thing to know is, this is a strictly coop game. The players must work together to defeat four different diseases rampaging across the globe. At the same time, each player is forced to carry out the spread of infection at the end of each turn.

Each player is given a different role at the beginning of the game, which grants him/her special powers against the spreading doom.

03 Mar

Mr. Jack!

Mr. Jack

I’ve been on the lookout for 2-player games to play with Mrs. G. The problem is, I’ve been really obsessed with theme lately, and she just wants simple rules. Luckily, Mr. Jack has both, with lots of decisions to boot.

In a nutshell, Mr. Jack is played by two players, one trying to catch Mr. Jack, the other trying to get Mr. Jack out of the city.

There are eight characters on the board, one of whom is Mr. Jack in disguise.

Character Cards

Only the player helping Mr. Jack knows who Mr. Jack really is. In this game, Mr. Jack is Dr. Watson.

03 Mar

Bunker Upgrade Revealed – Analog Room

I picked up this groovy table and chairs set from my favorite place… Unique Thrift Store, for $100. They were beat to hell. I spent this weekend taking them apart, washing the… DNA… or whatever it was encrusted all over them, buffing and polishing, and finally reassembling. One chair probably won’t make it, unless I whip out the JB Weld.?


All in all, I’m pretty happy with how they came out.

In other news, I got the PS3 Eye of Judgement during an Amazon DotD a month back. It will be out and ready for play from any nerd nerdy enough to try it out.

19 Feb

Lost Cities

Okay, I’ve got 21 minutes to post this before Mrs. G catches on and puts me to work…. so if it’s sloppy, tough.

Anyway, Mrs. G and I took Lost Cities for a spin. This is one of the most often recommended couples games on the Geek. I was also recommended this by a Bunker attendee who shall be known as “THE”.

The idea behind the game is that you are sponsoring expeditions. These are represented by color-coded cards numbered 2 – 10, as well as 3 “investment” cards for each suit. The cards themselves show a progression of the expedition to the goal. The 2 card shows the beginning of the trail, and the 10 shows the final achievement.

18 Feb


At some point over the holidays, Fantasy Flight had their annual blowout sale on their cheaper games. Quicksand was one of the… few… that I ordered. You can’t beat $5.

The game is simple enough. There are six different characters who are in a race to get to the temple at the top of the board.

The Board

You move these characters by playing cards from your hand.

The Cards

You can play as many cards as you want, as long as they are all the same. The only exception is the Mask card, which can stand in for any adventurer. You may move an adventurer one space for each card played.

17 Feb

Monopoly Express

The Spread

During the Christmas season, Target had the “Express” version of three popular boardgames: Scrabble Express, Sorry Express, and Monopoly Express. I picked up Scrabble Express right away because it looked good. Sorry I had no interest in, and I have an intense hatred of Monopoly. (Mainly from getting savagely beaten at it by my dad in my tender years.)

However, when Target did their usual clearance thing, and priced these games at $2.50, I had a hard time stopping myself from buying it for two fiddy. I immediately took it to lunch and gave it a test run.

26 Nov

Suckered into For Sale

Before Bunker Horror’s showing of The Host (which was 3/4 Cool, 1/2 boring, and one more 1/2 too Korean for us ugly Americans) I suckered the crew into playing “For Sale”, an Uberplay card game that comes highly rated on the Geek (I would have put a link here if those weiners weren’t currently down for maintenance.)

Gameplay is exceedingly simple:

1) Each player gets $14,000 in coins:


24 Nov

Corruption Bunker Analog Style

The Door

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I have a big wet one for Days of Wonder games, and I had been wanting Cleopatra and the Society of Architects particularly badly.

Luckily, Tanga decided to run it on the now infinite Tangathon so I snapped it up. Amazingly, on the day it arrived I was able to assemble a quorum of dorks (and Mrs. G) to come out and play.

And… upon explaining the rules, Mrs. G decided to run far far away. I know not why… they are easy:

On each turn, you either:

10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – with talkies

Here are some very dark videos of what a Bunker Party is like. I have the whole gamut here. Be prepared to squint.




10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – The one with only one pic of Pottse

The night started out with a lot of Guitar Hero III. I haven’t checked yet, but I have a feeling that quite a few gamerpoints were scored on my account. Yay for the new 360 wireless guitars!

Jayjian and Dirty

I managed to wrangle a few suckers into playing Starfarers of Catan.

Starfarers of Catan

NatX and Stub dug through the Bunker Storage and managed to find “Ark of the Covenant”, a Carcassone variant that, according to them and Casper, was better than the original.

Natx, Stub and Casper on Ark of the Covenant

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