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10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – The one with only one pic of Pottse

The night started out with a lot of Guitar Hero III. I haven’t checked yet, but I have a feeling that quite a few gamerpoints were scored on my account. Yay for the new 360 wireless guitars!

Jayjian and Dirty

I managed to wrangle a few suckers into playing Starfarers of Catan.

Starfarers of Catan

NatX and Stub dug through the Bunker Storage and managed to find “Ark of the Covenant”, a Carcassone variant that, according to them and Casper, was better than the original.

Natx, Stub and Casper on Ark of the Covenant

While all of this excitement was going on, Pottse sat and played Portal from his stopping point of Level 15. He finished in time for some Taiko Drum master. I was very glad to get it out there.


Amazingly, there does exist someone on the North American continent who can finish a song in Beatmania. These guys ended up shredding songs on hard mode. I have finished 1.5 songs on easy.


Zertz was played. I have no idea what happened. I coerced them into playing and ran. This is the type of game for me to get hella pwned on.

Jester and MO play Zertz

Then Dystopia really started in earnest. I managed to sit down for about two 10 minute sessions before getting up to do something or other. When I came back, my seat was always gone. Time to expand the lan!

Dystopia all night

Once Singstar kicked in, it didn’t stop. Since Pottse left early, Reebs had to stand in as attention whore of the night. The highlight of the Singstar festival was Reba and CW’s rendition of “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys. This was stored digitally, and will be deployed at a politically opportune time.

Dirty and Reebs

Vitaminz and CW

VitaminZ and CW

Finally, the Dystopia game broke, and the players oozed into the theater to watch the continuing Singstar saga in a glazed-over zombie stupor.


At 4am, I did the unthinkable, and actually had to shut down the party. I hated doing it, but I knew there would be kids running around in the early AM, and Mrs. G, who never made it down to the Bunker for whatever reason would be in a vindictive mood.

Now, we wait for Rock Band, and then all hell breaks loose!

Check out the slideshow for more excitement.

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    Markus O'Reallyus Says:

    Guitar Hero 3’s multi-player was a lot of fun. I’d already played most songs on single player and i know there wasn’t really anything different about the co-op in this version, but nonetheless the bass riffs on hard were fun and challenging and the track list was great too.

    i cannot wait for rock band. having tested the drums at best buy, i know its going to dominate the next BP.

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