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21 Aug

Cities and Knights of Catan

Cities and Knights of Catan  end

It’s early Summer, and I’m just chillin’ with Mrs. G, and she says “isn’t it weird that we’ll be married seven years tomorrow?”

And, because I’m a total blockhead, I say “our anniversary isn’t until Saturday!”

Remember that thing about a land war in Asia? That is like arguing with your wife about when your anniversary is, when her birthday is, where your first date was, when your kids were born, when your kids were conceived, where your kids were conceived, etc. Don’t do it.

21 Aug

Dystopia blues

Dystopia blues

One of my favorite games in the whole wide world is Unreal 2 eXpanded Multiplayer, or XMP for short. It’s a class-based game of capture the flag/football that totally encourages teamplay and strategy, and allows old fogeys like me to compete with overamped, reflex-having, newly graduated college-aged punks. When Mrs. G was pregnant with mouth to feed #1, I played this game a lot. When mouth to feed #1 was in her cute little car-seat contraption doo-dad, I played even more XMP, and paused to feed her every once in a while.

20 Aug

Zombie Master – not a Bunker favorite… yet.

I’ve been pretty excited about Zombie Master. It’s a Source Mod that combines FPS and RTS elements, and requires teamplay. In it, one player assumes the role of the Zombie Master, while everyone else spawns in as a defenseless human.

The Zombie Master has the typical RTS perspective and controls, and can spend points to spawn in different varieties of zombies at particular places on the map. The Zombie Master’s job is to eliminate all of the human players via manipulation of the zombie horde.

20 Aug

Bunker Party 2007-08-17


Friday night’s Bunker Party started at 7:30. I had arrived home at 6:45 to tie a few loose ends, namely vacuuming… and unlocking a few more songs on Guitar Hero II 360. I’ve had trouble finding time to play (compounded by the fact that the X-plorer guitar totally sucks.) I suffered through and unlocked up to Thrash and Burn just as the first contestants walked in.

17 Aug

Bunker Party Prep!

There’s a lot of prep for a BP. I’m procrastinating by posting.



DDR Room
Get CDs back in cases
Make sure projector starts and all consoles are hooked up
Make sure CRT?starts and all consoles are hooked up
Check Batteries

The Lan
Clean up
Put CDs in cases
Clean off Make Trax
Make sure all the machines start
Check the NAS

The Theater
Clean out the cupholders
Put away all the pillows

Stock TP
Make?sure we have clean towels
Clean the toilet (boo!)?

25 Jul

New Bunker Lan Debut of Epicitude

Saturday started with the realization that the nerd surface was useless in the dark Lan/Theater Area. It was switched with the Make Trax cabinet out in the analog room. I wonder why I hadn’t thought of that before.

Anyway, with that detail and some final cleaning up out of the way, I headed off to paintball, very late. I came back dirty, bruised and coppery with sweat. All I wanted to do was take a shower. I was thwarted by the first round of guests. All told, we had 35+ people in the bunker from 4pm to 3am.

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