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20 Aug

Zombie Master – not a Bunker favorite… yet.

I’ve been pretty excited about Zombie Master. It’s a Source Mod that combines FPS and RTS elements, and requires teamplay. In it, one player assumes the role of the Zombie Master, while everyone else spawns in as a defenseless human.

The Zombie Master has the typical RTS perspective and controls, and can spend points to spawn in different varieties of zombies at particular places on the map. The Zombie Master’s job is to eliminate all of the human players via manipulation of the zombie horde.

The human team is charged with fulfilling mission objectives which change from map to map. In the one that we played, “Docks of the Dead”, our mission was to locate and retrieve several parts to a van. Once complete, it would be used to escape.

Not that we would ever find out what that looked like! Basically, the second each human spawned in, we all scattered like rats. We had no clue what we were doing, or where we were going, and the map is so dark that we spent a lot of our ammo on each other. Worse, when you die as a human, you were out for the entire round. Which meant that most of our time in the game was trying to convince the lone, hiding survivor to go find some way to kill themselves so we could start over.

Now, I’m not saying that Zombie Master is a bad game, in fact, I still think the idea is great and would love to play it again. However, I do think it will require a more experienced group playing it, or some gameplay revisions (and… maybe we need to adjust the gamma before we start!)

That said, I think JayJian (who played the Zombie Master exclusively) had a good time. 😉

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