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01 Aug

zOMG! Bunker MAME Foreals! Part I

I have been talking a good game about getting a Bunker MAME cabinet going for a while now. I’ve spent enough time with the software to?think it was eezy cheezy, but the?hardware has been a little daunting. First, I don’t really have the tools,?and second, I hate being reminded of all the dumb mistakes. In this case, we are talking about a piece of furniture that has to look?good.

?So this weekend, El Greco sends me a link to a Craigslist ad for a?homebuilt arcade?cabinet, with a control panel, but no MAME machine, for $150. The cabinet is made of veneered plywood, so it could be finished without much work.?To me, this is exactly what I’m looking for! The major building?is done. If there are?any screw-ups, I didn’t do them, so I don’t have to apologize for?them,?and finally, the keyboard interface (an?I-Pac) is already wired to 16?buttons and?two sticks. I can replace buttons,?change the layout, re-solder, re-wire, etc, at my whim.

?Mrs. Gangrene, however… ain’t buyin’ it. I got an immediate NO.

?Then… I bring it up again… and I get a “I’ll have to see it again.” Which, to me, is as good as yes.

?So I bought it. Which to all of you schooled in the husbandly arts know… was probably?hella dumb.

?However… I am going to make it my mission to make the most gorgeous piece of furniture in the house, and so friggin’ cool that she’s going to regret ever doubting it. In fact, she will beg me to make more. In every room in the house, in every unoccupied space.

?How will I do this?

?I have no idea. (But it may involve the color pink, and baby pictures.) Wish me luck.?

?Here are the nudies:

This is after we extricated my old MAME machine from the Workroom, at great personal risk to both of us. Here Pottse is diddling with something or other. (I was actually messing up Stub’s guitar and not really paying attention.) Of course, finding a monitor for this beasty will be at the #2 on my to do list.


Here’s the undercarriage with the I-Pac and all the buttons. The Player 1 set must have had a run-in with a can of Coca-Cola (at least I hope it was Coca-Cola) so, a further exciting episode will probably involve rubbing alcohol.


And… the top view of the actual control panel.


Special thanks to Pottse for going out to get this with me, and helping unload it, dig out my stuff, and help get the machine running.

Extra special thanks to Mrs. Gangrene, for only halfway ripping me to shreds when I got home. Trust me, it will be cool.

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    Ms. G Says:

    You’re welcome. You’re just lucky you keep me laughing.

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