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10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – Aftermath

As I mentioned in my Bunker Party 2007-11-09 writeup, I had to give everyone the boot at 4am. The?u side effect of this was, there wasn’t the usual orderly cleanup that happens when we all collectively decide that it’s bed time.

The upshot is, I was able to capture the Bunker post-party. Here’s what it looks like:

The Wetbar


The Theater


Peripherals everywhere!


I’m not a drinker, so I may be square… but I found this on the lan this morning, and I just had to giggle:


And… I’m still wondering what to do with Pottse’s blood. Yeah yeah, eww gross, etc.


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    Junior Says:

    Yeah, that would be my Hoegaarden. It’s not cheap, but you’ve gotta pay if you want quality. Giggitty giggitty.

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