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05 Aug

Stub Hero IV – Back in the saddle!

After putting the rodents to bed, Mrs. G, Pottse, the Berserker and I all sat down to watch Hot Fuzz, in HD no less, on the 360’s HD add-on. I could whine about how M$ had?screwed?me for months with?the crappy Dynamic Range Control?bug (fix here)?and how I really want Blu-Ray to fail because it is associated with the PS3, and how I bought 300 on Blu-Ray anyway, because it was cheaper, but I won’t.

?All that aside, after the flick (which was great), Mrs G. went to bed, ?P and B went to play on the Mame cabinet, and I decided to crack open the Yamaha Sustain Pedal. I was quite happy to see my suspicions confirmed. The switch has?poles for both normally open, and normally closed. Boyakasha!

Note those leaves soldered together… boo!

Yamaha Sustain Pedal Guts

?Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the normally open side was soldered together, so I spent most of my time separating them. If I weren’t a bonehead, I would have a desoldering bulb, but I am a bonehead, so I don’t. I ended up doing the “heat and flick” thingy, which sprays burning hot solder anywhere. But, as I said, the kids were in bed, so it’s all good.

Slapped together again, messily.

Yamaha Sustain Pedal Modified

?Soldering everything back together was standard. The new switch threshold was not. Since the closing leaf is further away, and as the original operation required the switch to open only the smallest amount, I was forced to lengthen the white plastic switch block by a millimeter or 3. I did this in the most okey-doke way I could… jamming straight pieces of copper wire in the center hole cutting, then cutting them down, and finally taping over the whole mess. All I can say is, it works.

This is a repeat picture, but notice that little white plastic piece on the left. That’s where the rubble went.

Yamaha Sustain Pedal Guts

?So, now for the trying. Of course, the guitar is still in pieces, so my attempt was with the thing spraying screws all over the room, and my “missing” hand was used to hold the whole thing together.

?But it worked!

There are a few problems. The switch is noisy, and… it may not be as good as my original cardboard frankenstein doodad. My foot hurt worse, and it is so sensitive that my unstoppable toe-tapping really hosed my score. But… it worked!!! So, I’m going to quit for the night, and try to dream up a whammy solution that works.

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