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06 Aug

Why I <3 Target

Yay Target Clearance! $7.49!

In the old days, “going out” meant getting dinner at some?snotty Sushi bar “downtown”, seeing a movie, maybe a play, maybe even going to an art gallery. The second after buying a house, “going out” means chain restaurants, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Target. The microsecond after having kids, “going out” means anything that happens after getting in your car, with at least one of them crying. Always. This “going out” is for a little variety,?a slight break from “being at home”,?where at least one of them is crying. Always.

?It is during these trips, that I get my “anything can happen” moment. My trip to Target, where I occassionally convince Mrs, G to wait in the car with the kids while I make “the circuit”.

Now,?thanks to the generification of the?US, and… slightly slower… the world, one can go into any store and?feel you are in a comfortable, familiar place. It’s?what Mickey D’s says about itself… you can go?to?any?McDonald’s?anywhere and get the same hamburger (or something like that.)?For me, I can walk in to any Target and instictively know “the circuit”. This is the shortest route around the store that contains all the stuff I want to see. Namely, clearance software, clearance hardware, clearance toys, and clearance whatever else.

?Target is the secret to amassing tons of useless crap, cheaply, and the endcap is the key. If you walk around the outer aisle of the store, you’ll get the most of it. In some, you’ll have to make some jinkys for this or that or whatever. Sometimes the clearance software is by the dvds, sometimes next to the books. You get the idea. This is how I got 5 of my copies of Neverwinter Nights Diamond for $5 each. The PS2 Golf simulator doo-dad for $12, Ikaruga for $5 and…

Our next contestant

$7.48! Bargain for me!?

This little guy is in for the ride of his life.?The next thing you know, the Bunker is going to be an animatronic freakshow to rival Chuck E. Cheese.

?Stay tuned.

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    Stub Daddy Says:

    I’ve got an animatronic humping dog you can have

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