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10 Dec

BP The Ship – RFC. How was it?


I mentioned in my Bunker Party 2007-12-07 post that I was a little disconnected. One of the symptoms is I really don’t have a feeling for how The Ship ended up.

I had been interested in The Ship for a while. I thought the concept was great, and I am still amazed by the variety of stuff in the games… characters, costumes, weapons, and kill types.

However, outside the tutorial, I still haven’t played it, and I didn’t get a spot on the lan to try it that night. All I heard was “Z was killing everyone.” So… what’s the verdict? Did anything particularly funny happen, like ganking someone asleep… in the shower… in the john?

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    Allen (TCV) Says:

    I thought that the game was interesting. Would have been nice to try some other maps though, possibly a different one each game, since we played I think 2 full games on the same ship. There were a couple of times when it was obvious that someone was trying to kill me, since I would be standing in the security office and they would be standing outside the door, peeking around the corner every few seconds to see what I was doing.

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    Markus O'Reallyus Says:

    This game had a plus and a minus, and they’re related to the same thing. The plus: players are rewarded greatly for unique kills (b@n@n@ killed her target with a manikin arm = mega points). The weapons worth good points were far away from the main action and the odds of someone else getting a kill with an ax and ending the round before you make it back were high. I suppose it is a good balance.

    I think now that we are experienced players should we play again we’d spread out a little, discover new things on new maps. I didn’t hear anyone complain about playing. Nor did anyone complain about switching to TF2. I think that The Ship can be marked as a success in the record book.

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    Stub Daddy Says:

    you couldn’t walk around with a weapon in hand the whole time which was good and bad because drawing it as your target went by and catching them was not easy at all. Also I think teh first 15 minutes I died more from falling into teh lagoon than anything else.

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