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10 Dec

BP Team Fortress 2 – Post-mortem

OMG… the Lan was packed. JayJian brought his lappy, which took us to 9. Had my server not crapped out a night before (!!!) I would have had my laptop out there, and possibly got us online. But I’ll have to leave that for another day.

Rock Band

I was very hesitant to get TF2, because I was sure 8 machines were not enough to be fun. I think I was wrong, but I’d be interested in what those of you who played at the BP, or those of you who regularly play 8-player TF2 games think.

For my part, I saw a lot of JayJian’s demoman shrapnel… giggled every time I saw Tajrules as a heavy (always during my all too often death perspective)… and was happy when I scored a round winning capture, although I didn’t really realize that’s what was happening. Seraphim’s “but I had their intelligence (wah wah wah)” was pretty satisfying too. 🙂

On the technical side, did the maps ever start cycling? I must have spent an hour dicking around on Google trying to figure out why it wasn’t working, but went to Rock Band before I heard.

I must say, I still think Dystopia is better, and of course, I wish I could get you douchebags to play XMP, but whatev.

6 Responses to “BP Team Fortress 2 – Post-mortem”

  1. 1
    Allen (TCV) Says:

    I enjoyed the game although some of the maps were kinda difficult to play when we got down to 4v3, but when it was 4v4 or 5v4 it was a little more even, particularly when myself and… was it Jay that was the other top player? Well, when the other experienced player was on the opposing team. I think it would have been more fun had we utilized the headsets and been more organized in our efforts, rather then playing like a PUG. Fun all the same! Then again, I am always for TF2, since I have been playing it quite a bit recently.

  2. 2
    VitaminZ Says:

    I definately like TF2 better then Dystopia, pretty much only because this was more of just shoot the crap out of everyone kinda game. Even though there are still objectives and whatnot, you can do fine by just running around killing people.

  3. 3
    Markus O'Reallyus Says:

    Yeah this game has quick kills. A single grenade center mass is enough to kill half the characters. There is a great balance of character roles as well. It makes a good game to just jump in without knowing anything.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love dystopia just as much as any other BPer. I think Dystopia plays perfectly with 6-8 people. TF2 worked fine with 8 but there was a small feeling of “where’s the rest of my team?”

    I liked it and look forward to playing it again. As for playing it online with the rest of the world… that’s a bit of a catch 22. It would be fun with more people but the people we’d play are probably too skilled for us to have any fun.

  4. 4
    Stub Daddy Says:

    I think I would have liked the game more if JayJian wasn’t lying in wait behind every corner to gank me. He was everywhere!

  5. 5
    Seraphim Says:

    TF2 was a lot of fun; the different classes definitely give it a feel of a constantly changing contest, as you need to change class to adapt to the level and the enemy classes. I did feel like it was tailored for larger groups and that you might end up waiting around while people took the fight elsewhere, but I don’t think it’s such an issue that we need to take the game out onto the intertubes.

  6. 6
    Bacon Party Says:

    Won’t lie–TF2 isn’t my favorite, and I think 6v6 is the perfect team size for those maps. I played it a bunch for about a month on 360; even on Live, you don’t get much teamwork from folks, nothing like Wolfenstein. The other trick–the game types sometimes, like Markus said, leave you saying “where is everybody?” It’s a good game but I will be anxious to play “The Ship” next bunker blast!

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