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02 Jun

The Cable Bundle

One of the design goals of the Bunker Lan was to keep all the hardware tucked away. No big beige boxes, no fan noise, no power buttons. The only thing players need to concern themselves with is the mouse, keyboard, monitor, headset, and the stick.

The only problem with this is the big fat bundle of USB and VGA cables that snakes its way from a crude hole in the wall to another cruder hole in the seating platform.


So far, there has been only one trip that I know of, but I worry about it every time.

And… sure it’s unsafe, but more importantly, it’s ugly!

I’ve looked up cable covers, but none of them are big enough. I’ve also thought about masonry work, but that is scary, and I’ll probably screw it up worse and end up _really_ messing up the house.

So… is there anyone out there with cleverer ideas?

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