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01 Aug

The Arkham Horror Failure

This weekend, I convinced the wife (but no one else, dammit)?to play “Arkham Horror” with me. The general populace at Boardgamegeek regards it highly, and she had read good things about it, so we were good to go.

?I, having learned of her mercurial, fruit-fly-like attention span, made sure to read the rules. Twice. I also did all the setup, which was like planning a wedding. This game is big, and there are zillions of chits, lots of dice, and… seriously, more than 15 different decks of cards… tiny, unshuffleable cards.

?The Spread (notice?the baggies of chits all over the place.):


In order to keep it interesting, I gave each of us two characters, a male and a female, one more combat-based, the other sneakier and more intelligent.

Macho Man


Spiritual Lady


To make a long story short, we didn’t get very far, but I really wanted to, so I took a table cloth and just put it over the game setup just the way it was. (I have a 3-year-old who loves to eat game pieces, so obfuscation was key.)

Anyway, since I am walking on thin ice?and the wife really hates it when board game guts are scattered all over the dining room table, I am giving up, and putting it all away. This goes in the failure pile. Boo.

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