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10 Dec

BP The Ship – RFC. How was it?


I mentioned in my Bunker Party 2007-12-07 post that I was a little disconnected. One of the symptoms is I really don’t have a feeling for how The Ship ended up.

I had been interested in The Ship for a while. I thought the concept was great, and I am still amazed by the variety of stuff in the games… characters, costumes, weapons, and kill types.

However, outside the tutorial, I still haven’t played it, and I didn’t get a spot on the lan to try it that night. All I heard was “Z was killing everyone.” So… what’s the verdict? Did anything particularly funny happen, like ganking someone asleep… in the shower… in the john?

08 Dec

Bunker Party 2007-12-07

We just ha a Bunker Party, and somehow I missed it. I sang a bit in rock band, captured some intelligence in TF2, and did a lot of hacking on my server (Luckily it worked.) I had a hard time not opening the PS3 Rock Band sitting in my foyer. There was a wait.

For some reason the Analog room got no love. Absolutely none. Poor Jolly sat out there for a few minutes dejected, but beside from a “trial run” of Carcassonne (4 turns) nothing happened in there. Not even Buzz Trivia.

10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – with talkies

Here are some very dark videos of what a Bunker Party is like. I have the whole gamut here. Be prepared to squint.




10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – Aftermath

As I mentioned in my Bunker Party 2007-11-09 writeup, I had to give everyone the boot at 4am. The?u side effect of this was, there wasn’t the usual orderly cleanup that happens when we all collectively decide that it’s bed time.

The upshot is, I was able to capture the Bunker post-party. Here’s what it looks like:

The Wetbar


The Theater


Peripherals everywhere!


I’m not a drinker, so I may be square… but I found this on the lan this morning, and I just had to giggle:


10 Nov

Bunker Party 2007-11-09 – The one with only one pic of Pottse

The night started out with a lot of Guitar Hero III. I haven’t checked yet, but I have a feeling that quite a few gamerpoints were scored on my account. Yay for the new 360 wireless guitars!

Jayjian and Dirty

I managed to wrangle a few suckers into playing Starfarers of Catan.

Starfarers of Catan

NatX and Stub dug through the Bunker Storage and managed to find “Ark of the Covenant”, a Carcassone variant that, according to them and Casper, was better than the original.

Natx, Stub and Casper on Ark of the Covenant

22 Sep

Bunker Party 2007-09-21: Zombieless Zombies!

OMG. There’s this game called Zombies!… and the box has, like, 5 million little zombie guys in it, and… like… the game is named ZOMBIES! But, we were like, at this party, where we played it, and there were like…?NO ZOMBIES! We played the whole friggin game, and there were like, 3 zombies all the way through it. WTH???


22 Sep

Bunker Party 2007-09-21: The part where Pottse sprays blood all over the place

So I’m chillin playing Ricochet Robots, or Turbo Taxi, or something, and Pottse comes limping in with his feet wrapped in toilet paper. Somehow, he managed to slice one of his feeties open on one of the Cobalt Fluxi. (Could this be revenge for me talking so much trash?about it lately?)

Unfortunately, like all my crappy pictures, it didn’t?come out quite like it did in real life, which was… like, totally gross, thick, and weirdly fluorescent…WTF?

Pottse's Blood... so... flourescent?

Anyway, we took 15 and whipped out the Oxi Clean(which really does work, btw.)

Cleaning up after Pottse sprayed blood all over the place

The attention whore rides again!

22 Sep

Bunker Party 2007-09-21

It’s late, I leave you with a slideshow…

05 Sep

Singstar Celebration in the works! Bunker Party soon!

What I need to do:

Rebus 001!

Singstar 80’s and Amped are out in less than two weeks. This demands a Bunker Party! Unless aliens attack (or Mrs. G pitches a fit) the next Bunker Party is go on Sept. 21, 2007!

Because of this, I am making a few goals:

  1. I will have both of my Cobalt Fluxes working!
  2. I will have at least one Cobalt Flux hacked to work on DDR Universe 360!
  3. I will make significant progress on either the Mame Cocktail, or standup cabinet!

Can he fix it? Yes he can!

26 Aug

Lights out


Mrs. G’s entire family, and their family’s families are here from across the pond. This is a lot of people. A lot of… ahem… older people.

So… of course I wanted to have a Bunker Party for them. I really want to test out the Wii on a group of unsuspecting Sexa and Septuagenarians.

Things were going pretty well. Everything was clean, powered up and ready to go. Then the second the first group arrived, the sky broke open. We?were in the middle of some sort of freak, instantaneous, in-land hurricane thingy. The house shook, the roof plinked and popped with the sound of hail, and to my horror, the lights browned for a minute, and finally went out entirely.

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